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Titanium Micro Needle Roller for Face and Hair Regrowth Anti Hair Loss Treatment Thinning Hair/ Bald Spots / Receding Hairline

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Hair Regrowth Micro-needling Roller is designed for professional home use on hair loss control & regrowth by triggering the body's wound healing response which stimulates protein production for new hair follicle rejuvenation.
Formulated with high-grade 540 Grade A Titanium, our rollers create thousands of minuscule contact points to stimulate endothelial growth factor production for follicle and hair growth.
Dermatologists confirm the 0.25mm size of the needles is perfect for home use. It provides an ideal balance between safety, painless application, and effective results.
Bald Spots
Receding Hairline
Breaking Edges
Thinning Hair
Temporary Hair Loss
Reactivates scalp's natural regeneration process
Stimulates protein production & cell growth responsible for new hair growth
Increases scalp circulation & nutrients to follicles
540 Grade A Titanium
Anti-bacteria & infection
Safe & painless
Material: Grade A Titanium
Length: 0.25mm,0.5mm
Sterilize roller in alcohol solution before and after each use.
Wash and dry hair.
Apply pressure. Rollback and forth in the desired area for 4 - 5 times. Switch direction.
Apply scalp serum after use if necessary.
Use 1-2 times a week.
On open wounds.
On acne or irritated skin.
1pc X Anti Hair Loss Micro-needling Roller

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